“When selling my home, the best thing I did was to use Marika's service as a buyers agent. From day one she sat in when I met a prospective selling agent, working in real estate for many years gives Marika a strong advantage as she knows who they are and how to handle them. The properties she suggested showed that she listened to my needs and wants. All the way through to tying up the purchase, liaising between solicitors and the two agents, having Marika in my corner was of great benefit. I highly recommend her services.”

Alvia Buckle

“Marika has been excellent in helping us navigate finding, assessing, negotiating and buying a house in Newport, from Singapore. Always proactive, knowledgeable… and patient… her experience was hugely helpful. She is highly recommended.”

Nick Edwards

“Recently, I was in a real quandery! I'd owned an apartment in an old 60's block since the 90's. In that time, due to serious mismanagement, the building had been badly maintained. Then a few months ago concrete cancer was discovered! I decided to sell. Marika Martinez, a Vendor and Buyer's Advocate was suggested by a friend. I spoke to Marika and much of my stress fell away. I felt, I could in some way, hand it over Her years of experience in real estate, knowledge of the market and astute observations of what a buyer looks, for were invaluable. While it was still a lovely unit, she picked out all the problems with the building, practical things I needed to do to make my place marketable and advised how to position it in the market. She had access to excellent, reliable tradesmen and recommended a great real estate agent, who like her, was honest to a fault. She'd ring me asking for an update and always responded to my questions and phone calls with practical, clear, no nonsense advice. I felt she had a real interest in a great outcome for me. I sold well above what I was expecting and that was due to Marika and my lovely real estate agent. I'm an extremely happy lady.”

Elizabeth J

“Marika understands the local market intimately and has an honest and respectful approach in transacting for her clients. Marika has her buyers' interest at the forefront and due to her extensive real estate knowledge, she understands a great property that fits her buyers' needs and expectations. In securing a home recently for Marika's client on one of my properties, I found the entire process seamless, the negotiation fair and achieved win/win results for both my vendors and her buyers. Marika's advice can be trusted to be accurate, supporting her clients with years of experience at her helm.”

David Bain

“We cannot recommend Marika highly enough. She really listened to us, was able to refine our requirements and made suggestions that we hadn’t even previously considered. Her professionalism, knowledge, experience and warmth saved us time, money and stress.
Thank you very much! ”


“If you are looking to buy a house on the Northern Beaches, STEP 1 is to hire Marika! In the incredibly tough Sydney housing market and the even more seemingly untouchable beaches property market, you need an expert to assist you in your search, and Marika is EXACTLY THAT! It was a long search, in an unsettled property market with not a lot of stock on the market either BUT… FINALLY she found us our new home, we are THRILLED! We highly recommend Marika, you will NOT regret it! Money VERY well spent on a HUGE investment in your life, worth every penny for a smooth, well thought out and informed decision in your next home. Simply put: If you need a new home on the Northern Beaches, you need Marika! ”

Astrid Milward

“Marika was a wonderful help guiding us in a very competitive and hot market. She was a very patient listener to our needs with great advise and strategy plan. Thank you Marika we really appreciated all your expertise. ”


“Having first met Marika many years ago while travelling, I already knew her to be professional, organised and friendly. As such, I engaged her without hesitation to help with my property search. Marika was consistently diligent and patient as we explored many different houses, apartments and locations across the northern beaches. She listened and understood my evolving brief and encouraged consideration of all possibilities, so I know my purchase is the right one. Thank you Marika! ”

Leanne Wilkinson

“Working with Marika to purchase a property in Freshwater was an amazing experience. Within just two weeks of engaging her for buyers agent service, I had an offer accepted for my dream home in Freshwater. I could not have done it without her!! Her step by step guidance and offer strategy worked perfectly. I got a great value on the property and could not be happier with her service. What sets Marika apart was her one on one personal approach. I interviewed two other buyers agencies and she was by for the most hands on and attentive. She is not a cheesy sales person but a seasoned consultant that will provide you with the real world advice/strategy to purchase a property. She proactively contacted me daily with updates and advice as we got closer to submitting an offer. With Marika’s help I was able to obtain my dream property with an offer prior to auction at the exact price other buyers were willing to pay. We got the property solely due to Marika’s advice to offer prior to auction. Again, I cant thank Marika enough for her coaching, advice, and purchase strategy. She helped every step of the way and was dedicated to help me find the property of my dreams. Thank you Marika! ”

Alex Buhlman

“I used to think I couldn’t afford a buyers’ agent. Now I realise that I couldn’t have afforded not to have had one. I was despairing after missing out on property after property in the ultra competitive Northern Beaches market. But within a week of engaging Marika Martinez, she found me an off market four bedroom home for my kids and myself. The price was around $100, 000 less than I thought I would have to pay. Marika’s contacts, market knowledge and tactical advice was crucial and I always felt she had the best interests of my family at heart. I’d have no hesitation recommending her to prospective buyers. ”

Gary Highland

“After months of searching, we chose to use a buyer’s agent when looking for a property on sydney’s northern beaches. Marika Martinez was recommended to us and overall we had a pleasant and successful experience. She was able to use her intimate knowledge of the area and her contacts to find an off market property that met our very specific brief. With her strategy, we were able to secure the property for a price were we very happy with. We would not have been able to find this property without her. Thank you Marika! ”

John Bachmann

“Marika Martinez was one of the most accomodating & extraordinary professionals that I have ever encountered. A little bit about my story. I was very overwhelmed by the thought of getting on the property market as a 30 year old single woman in today’s million dollar market. I decided to use a Buyers Agent because of the euphoria around the Australian market and needed an expert who knew how to navigate through this. Marika found my version of “Real Estate Heaven” for my situation (& within my budget) and it was the first property we looked at. Within one week, she guided me through the process, went into all of the negotiations on my behalf & I was successful in purchasing my first home. If you would like to take the stress, pressure & overwhelming nature out of getting your first property, Marika is complete value for money as well as being so personable, kind, assertive & understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the process because of her. Thank you Marika. I will be grateful for this moment for the rest of my life. ”

Sophie Metcalf

“After months of searching for a unit, we felt hopeless and did not think we could get into a place in Sydney, let alone the Northern Beaches. My partner was reluctant to hire a buyers agent as historically they were more for people who looked for 3+ bedroom homes… not for first time home buyers! We reached out to a couple agents just to see if it’s even worth it. One agent called me back and basically laughed in my face and said “Sorry, we can’t help you.” Then Marika called me back. She gave us hope when we were ready to give up. She was genuine, honest and brings so much experience. Her connections on the Northern Beaches is priceless. She helped us secure our first home in a location I never thought we could afford or find something in within 3 weeks of getting in contact with her! Whether you’re looking for a 1 bedroom unit or a family home, I would absolutely recommend Marika. Thanks again Marika! We are so lucky and thankful to have crossed paths with you. ”

Gina Wong

“I am so pleased I engaged Marika, she helped me secure my new home with her fantastic negotiation skills and inside knowledge of the market. There is no way I would have been able to secure this property without her. I am over the moon. ”

Natasha Turner

“I entered into this process as a skeptic, I will admit. I didn’t think we needed a buyer’s agent, I thought we could do it ourselves and it was a waste of money. I could not have been more wrong! Marika was attentive and extremely professional throughout the process, she was exactly what we needed to buy our first property, prior to auction for a great deal. I cannot recommend Marika highly enough. ”

Tim Woodhouse

“After looking in the market, we felt like we would never find our home on the northern beaches.
After hiring Marika, we found our dream home in 2 weeks. We truly believe that we have saved money and time by hiring Marika and we would do it again. We highly recommended this service to anyone who is seriously looking to secure a home. Marika has a wealth of knowledge in the area and we couldn’t have done it without her.
Love Kristi and Stefan Best wishes to everyone and thank you Marika 🙂”

Kristi Rossetto

“Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming experience, particularly in the current Northern Beaches market. From the moment we engaged Marika, we knew we were in good hands. Her considerable experience, patience, and calm confidence mitigated the stressors of navigating the buying process. From showing us off-market homes to attending open inspections, answering our 100s of questions to asking them on our behalf, Marika was indispensable in helping us secure our home purchase prior to auction, and I recommend her services without hesitation. ”

Jodi Cabanas

“With Marika’s expertise and knowledge of the Northern Beaches, we were able to secure our ideal home rather quickly after engaging her services. After over 12 months of searching by ourselves and attending numerous auctions, the first place we found with her by our side was the one we successfully bought. She was quick to respond, proactive and took the time to really understand what we were after in a home for our growing family. She knows the ins and out, the strategies agents use and how to get the upper hand. We couldn’t recommend Marika highly enough and are so grateful for her dedication to our house search. ”

Shalane Jones

“Marika was amazing! We obtained her details via our friends who she had also assisted in purchasing land for them. Marika was professional and determined in helping us buy our dream home. Not only is Marika professional, she truly cared about our needs in obtaining our first home and went above and beyond with presenting ongoing information/ options to us. Marika did all the hard work for us, discussing the finer details with agents/ vendors and taking the work load off our shoulders.
Because of Marika, we landed our first home in our dream suburb, that we had thought we were priced out of the area. We are extremely happy with her services and no doubt would highly recommend her to anyone and to also use her services in the near future. Thank you so much Marika! We are extremely thankful. ”

Karlee Latimer

“I had been looking to buy for the best part of a year and decided to engage Marika’s service when my search had began to stall. After partnering with Marika things quickly gathered momentum and within a matter of weeks I had secured my new home.
Marika knows the industry and Northern Beaches inside out, genuinely wants to achieve the best possible outcome for her client and knows how to seal the deal.
I’m indebted to Marika for her valuable support and expertise. ”

David Page

“Working with Marika was an excellent experience. She was attentive to our needs, always quick to respond to questions and concerns and listened to us when we talked in circles trying to make decisions! Without her, we wouldn’t have secured the beautiful home we did. We highly recommend Marika and feel very lucky to have found and worked with her. ”

Tara Thorne

“Marika helped us look for an investment property / weekender in the upper Northern Beaches. She was very effective in finding suitable properties and understood our requirements well. She helped us evaluate properties and also proposed some off-market options which we wouldn’t have found otherwise. We secured a good property relatively quickly with her and are grateful for her assistance throughout the process. ”

Mike Reynolds

“I recently sold a home to some buyers that were using Marika to represent them as a buyers agent.
In short, she was outstanding, which comes down to the years of experience she has had as an agent.
Highly recommended ”

Matthew Lemon

“Marika is an extremely competent buyers agent who helped us find a suitable property that met our requirements. I would recommend engaging her if you are considering using a buyers agent on the northern beaches of Sydney. ”

Brent Lawson

“Marika provided a great service to us in our quest to find a deep waterfront home on Pittwater. She was authentic, took care to understand our needs and put in a hard effort to find us the perfect spot. Thanks Marika. ”

Chris Way

“I’m not an online shopping, social media following, internet trusting kind a gal. So it was quite unlike me to have randomly picked my buyer’s agent off the net and not via a personal recommendation. In fact, having bought many properties in my time, this was the first experience using a buyer’s agent. This was mainly out of necessity, being an interstate resident with no personal ties to the northern beaches area, plus the need for representation by someone on the ground, whilst being stuck once again in yet another Melbourne Covid lockdown. Whilst all of the testimonials on Marika’s website were compelling, I’m not that naive to simply go by the word of total strangers, when it comes to handing over complete trust & responsibility in the purchase of arguably one of our biggest assets. Being a detailed person, I went to work, trawling the net to learn more about Marika and independently, I found and made contact with both past employers and others having professional associations with Marika now and in the past , such as local agents and colleagues ( I never shared any of that with her – sorry Marika to have stalked you!) I felt this was a more reliable & honest way to verify Marika’s skill, as cited references do risk being partial. I knew I was on a good thing, as each and every person came back with the same glowing reviews. And every word was true. When it comes to property, Marika is highly skilled , experienced and professional. She maintains very good relationships with the local agents – an essential ingredient. Once you’ve provided her with your brief of what you’re looking for, she quietly and efficiently goes about information gathering and appraising potential properties and then reports back with honest and comprehensive reviews, detailing her findings. Her manner is reserved but considered, she is patient, pragmatic, diligent and has a discerning eye for quality. She was quite vocal in steering us towards the home we ultimately bought, knowing that it was the very best home for our needs, as well as being a valuable asset with excellent growth potential. It’s also worth noting that she is fantastic under pressure, as evidenced by her steely bidding performance during a fairly fast paced auction, where we successfully purchased our home. Having watched the auction on livestream, she didn’t flinch nor give away the fact that we were teetering literally on our last bid, when the hammer came down. One more bid by the opposition, and we would’ve lost out. It was a real pleasure working with Marika. Being quite comfortable and confident with purchasing property myself, I felt her & I were on the same page and so together we could put our heads together and really work as a team. It was 4 weeks exactly from the date I signed Marika’s agreement to the date of the auction. Marika is also incredibly well connected in the area, in that she has contacts across the board with trades and advisers in all matters of property. She was proactive and thorough in making the necessary enquiries and seeking professional opinions when it came to doing the due diligence on the property we bought. Ours had the complication of large protected trees positioned relatively close the the dwelling, and she spent hours seeking the advice of registered arborists, the local council and the building inspector. All in all, we are so thrilled & excited to have finally acquired our dream home in Sydney, and without her encouragement and reassurance, I’m not sure I would’ve gone for it. Thank you Marika! I look forward to having you around when we eventually make it up there. If you’re looking for a buyer’s agent in the Sydney Northern Beaches area, don’t even think about using anyone else. ”

Belinda Minc

“After house hunting for 7 months and losing out on multiple apartments I decided to hire Marika Martinez as my Buyers Agent. Marika came highly recommended so I had a couple of meetings with her and after much consideration I decided to hire her. I hired Marika Martinez on the 20th Feb and she was successful in exchanging for my new home on the 16th March. Given the current climate of competitiveness and its challenges I believe her persistence, her professionalism, negotiating skills and her knowledge in the industry has made her successful in getting my dream home. I would highly recommend Marika if you are looking to reach your goal of owning your dream home. ”

Lorraine Parisotto

“It is a pleasure to write a review about our recent experience we had searching for and purchasing our next home with the help of Marika Martinez. We contacted Marika after a personal referral. At the time we were looking for land to either build a house on,
or purchase an existing house preferably on half to one acre. It was not an easy brief!
From the outset we were very impressed with Marika. She presented most professionally, clearly experienced and knowledgeable, but above all she was a very good listener. During the first two weeks we concentrated on suitable land over a fairly wide area. Then we decided as per our plan B that we would focus on an existing house. I should add we were in no hurry as we had a long term buyer finalising the sale of their country property enabling them to buy our house at Bayview in Sydney.
 Then the fun began. Marika took us to a house in a very private street in an area we were aware of but did not know the house or that it was for sale “off market”. Marika knew we wanted a house which was on level ground, north facing with large rooms, high ceilings, and preferably up to half an acre. The house had many other features which appealed to us, and in fact it ticked just about every box on our list, so much so with Marika’s help we exchanged contracts with deposit paid just two weeks later! During those two weeks and beyond there has been continuing communications between ourselves and Marika, who liaised with the selling agent representing the owners. Marika gave us advice on a whole range of both small and large details including the most important issue of selling price, which was the amount we were prepared to pay. Her exact words were .. “it is not a bargain, but it is a fair price”, which was also our independent view. Her negotiation advice was important to the final outcome. If it was not for Marika we would never have purchased the house so it was a real win-win for all involved. We would recommend using Marika as a buyer’s agent to anyone. She knows a lot of people and property market areas. Her commission is independent of the selling agent, and our view is that the cost is “very good value for her service”. ”

Peter and Sue

“Marika from NE Aspect has been a life saver to us. She was there from the start with her knowledge and advice on the property market. She went beyond her brief to find us a new home and was always there to answer our questions. Marika researched properties on our behalf, was present whenever we needed her at viewings and negotiated with the vendors on the selling price. Having a buyers agent, such as Marika, took the stress out of dealing with real estate agents and understanding all that goes with purchasing a new property. I can highly recommend Marika to anyone who is thinking of buying a property, you won't find anyone better!”

Mary Jones

“When we decided to sell our home after 30 years, we thought we would find our new home quite quickly. Fortunately, we had along settlement and after weeks of doing the usual Saturday rounds of the inner west listings with no success we decided to enlist the help of Marika whom we were referred to by a mutual acquaintance to help us secure our new property. We were a little unsure because Marika doesn't usually operate within the inner west however her research and attention to detail were faultless and very quickly led us to our recent purchase. She guided us through the whole process ad we couldn't recommend her highly enough! ”

Harry Bawa

“Possessing strong local market knowledge and connections, Marika provides strategic advice which is based on our complete trust (in her) that she is acting only in our interest. Marika operates with a cool head and at speed, and on the two occasions we have engaged her we have been successful. To put it simply we wouldn’t even consider buying a property on the Northern Beaches without Marika! ”

Phil and Natalie

“Marika was amazing and helped us so much throughout the buying process. She is a delightful lady and extremely knowledgeable in all facets of purchasing a home and I can't recommend her enough! ”

David G

“There’s a subtlety in the feeling and ambiance we connect to in a place we want to call our home. And to be able to pinpoint that for another person takes a certain intuition, objectivity and strong powers of observation. I used Marika Martinez from North East Aspect with the sale of my apartment in November 2023 with great success. Then when it came to buying my next and probably, final property, I brought her in again as my Buyer’s Advocate. And advocate she did! I doubt my needs were easy to meet. After twenty eight years living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney my wish was to move into the inner city; Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Wooloomooloo, Ultimo, Chippendale, Redfern or Kirribilli. My main criteria was to be around the Arts…theatre, music, galleries and a thriving community with a mixed race of cultures. I also wanted a light filled apartment, looking out onto open space or at least something interesting; close to public transport, preferably in a tree-lined street and near parks and all this on a limited budget. For three solid weeks, Marika trawled the internet daily on my behalf. We were driving into the city looking at properties at least three days a week, coming home exhausted. Gradually, we both got to know the inner city market and realistically, what I could get with my money. Marika doesn’t pull any punches and was polite but very clear with real estate agents when she sensed they were evading questions or trying to pull the wool over our eyes. After twenty years in real estate, she has a very sharp eye and knew what to look for in terms of the condition and upkeep of a building…the strata committee, a healthy sinking fund or not, strata fees and checking for any “special” levies that might be in the pipeline. Her experience in this was invaluable. At the end of the third week, we saw an apartment in Elizabeth Bay, that was a deceased estate and hadn’t yet gone onto the market. It did need work though! The three years previously had been non-stop and I was tired and feeling pretty shabby. I nearly pulled out of the sale but she encouraged me to put in an offer, saying Beth, “you can’t go wrong with this property”, which I actually knew but thank goodness I listened to her! My new home has a light filled, north-east facing aspect AND great harbour views from the living room to the deck and from my bedroom. It’s a lovely art deco building with a lift…I’m on the fourth floor and in the grounds there’s the most beautiful garden with a table that sits ten under a pergola with a stunning window to the harbour! Who has a garden in the city other than billionaires! The bus to the city or Paddington is just outside the door; the community centre and Hayes Theatre are across the road and the community garden is just up the hill. Plus it’s within easy walking distance to Woolies, Coles and Harris Farm. I feel so lucky and incredibly grateful…all my criteria was met and more! I can only thank Marika for that. ”

Beth Jessup

“Purchasing a home can be daunting and time consuming! Marika from NE Aspect makes the process a whole lot easier! Very professional from beginning to end. ”

Marion Clout

“Being based overseas, NE Aspect was very helpful in helping us find the home that meets our criteria - they were professional, prompt, responsive. Nothing is too difficult and always very pleasant to deal with. Thank you so much and highly recommend NE Aspect to anyone looking to engage an agent to search for that ideal home.”

Roze Maussie

“Marika came recommended from a family friend. I employed her to act at the pointy end of purchasing a property. Marika acted with clarity, confidence, decisiveness and professionalism. She knew what to do and when. Her skill and efficiency was first rate and secured me a lovely apartment, which is now my new home. Thank you Marika, I would have no hesitation in recommending you.”

Louella Wilcher

“We were searching and missing out on properties for well over a year. So we decided to engage the help of a buyers agent. Marika instantly took away all our of frustrations and we found and successfully purchased our first home in just 2 weeks!! Marika is great negotiator and we are thankful for all the private inspections she arranged. I’d recommend her to anyone trying to purchase a home. Thank you Marika!”

David Moore

“Thank you Marika, buying a new home can be so stressful but your attention to detail and knowledge of the housing market made it that much easier for us. We really can't thank you enough for all your help.”

Lee M

“I can’t thank Marika enough for her work as my Buyers Agent. In just three months, she found me an amazing house! Marika worked tirelessly, leaving no stone unturned, and was really supportive throughout the process. I felt safe in her hands as an expert in the Northern Beaches with extensive knowledge. I couldn’t have done it without her. Highly recommend her services!”

Michelle Jane

“If you’re in the market and need to purchase quickly. Lack the time and ability to spend the required on researching properties, viewing and self educating in the current market flows. Then buyers agents have their place. In my opinion it’s like any industry. The good the bad and the ugly. You certainly have to vet in your own way. Although reluctant, I contacted six Buyers Agents. All but one had a set price going in. That in my mind would alleviate some of the scepticism of the conspiracy percentage traps. The first buyers agent was suggested by my broker. I thought that would also reduce conflict. A young buck that really had no idea on what professionalism meant. I emailed him, admittedly late Friday evening with questions. I subsequently emailed again on Sunday to please confirm receipt of my email. Monday morning I emailed a final time letting him know I would appreciate a reply. Late Monday, he finally replied in a passive aggressive state and excuse. He believed he should not be required to work seven days and he focuses on his paying clients. Well, that was the point he was no longer a consideration. Going forward I used this litmus test to filter my consecutive buyers agents. After my initial telephone calls to five agents. I sent emails after hours on Friday to see who would have the professionalism to at least reply prior to Monday. The only person to show such fortitude was Marika Martinez from NE Aspect Buyers Agency. She had my attention. After a quick chat over the phone. I found her to be a no nonsense professional that had years of industry experience. A part from living locally, Marika was knowledgeable in the local market and shared no holds barred opinions on the way to move forward. There was no self grandeur or car sales person rehearsed superiority. Just a straight shooting “just the facts, ma’am” kind of person. I then decided to give Marika a try. After my initial phone call to her Friday she sent an email of introduction, a clients brief and fee schedule & services document. As mentioned before, I replied to her late Friday with a few common questions. Marika was the only buyers agent that replied before Monday. Actually, it was very early the next day. Sceptics might say, well that means she is not busy. Well, that did enter my mind. However, if someone shows enough professionalism and fortitude to reply before 7:30 am, even if it was a quick response (i.e. sorry it’s a busy time I will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible.) That shows me, they are at least professional & of a certain character. That being said, she answered all of my questions. Monday I signed the agency agreement. Wednesday she sent video walkthroughs of four apartments that fit my criteria. Thursday she sent my preferred property Strata Report and Contract of Sale. Thursday Marika liaised throughout the day with me, my Conveyancer and the Sellers Agent. Although the property of interest was set for auction she suggested if I was interested on the property and everything with the reports and the conveyancer was happy. We should make an offer as there were other interested parties. Friday we made our initial offer, to and fro multiple calls, texts and emails to me, my conveyancer and the sellers agent. We finally came to an agreement and acceptance of my final offer. Contracts were signed & exchanged by close of business Friday. So after spending two months searching, researching and viewing over twenty properties, making two unsuccessful offers on other apartments. Five days utilising the services of Marika at NE Aspect Buyers Agents, I secured my new apartment. In the current Sydney property market. Time is definitely money. I am kicking myself I didn’t hire Marika two months ago. Prices are crazy and time is certainly the essence. Wow, what a whirlwind. If you’re in search of a new home house or apartment and contemplating using a buyers agent I would highly recommend you give Marika a call. I will definitely be using Marika in future property purchases. Sincerely, B.”