Our team

We have teamed up with experts in their field, working together to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Here you will meet just some of them.

Marika Martinez, LREA

Marika is a leading Buyers Agent on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, heading up the team at ‘NE Aspect, Buyers Agent Northern Beaches’.

Having prioritised your interests as the buyer for the past 4 years as a highly successful Buyers Agent and with more than two decades of experience as a local real estate agent on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I am dedicated to safeguarding your best interests when it comes to property purchases.

I have witnessed the challenges that buyers often face, spending countless weekends in search of the perfect property, only to end up disappointed. This process can be immensely frustrating and financially draining.

Fortunately, as your buyers advocate, I bring a wealth of extensive experience to the table. I specialise in diligent research, meticulous evaluation, and skilful negotiation, all backed by a profound understanding of the local property market and your needs.

Working in confidence as your Buyers Agent on the Northern Beaches I can find those elusive off-market and pre-market properties, putting you a step ahead of the rest.

If you wish to purchase property in the Sydney Northern Beaches area, then you should only choose to work with a local Buyers Agent who works, lives, plays and specialises in this area exclusively.


Erika Walker

With experience in property styling, research and office administration, Erika is an integral part of our team. With an eye for detail and a conceptual mind for design style, her perspective on potential properties is held in high regard.

She brings a fresh approach to the team, ensuring time sensitive deadlines are met and our clients are kept up to date with our property research outcomes.


Ana Fellay

Ana Fellay Designs specialises in creating beautiful and functional spaces that feel uniquely you. With a focus on hands-on service to suit any budget or project size, I am a trusted design partner for hundreds of residential and commercial clients all across Sydney. 

My strength is in working with your unique style and needs and making the most of what you already have. I will guide you through the process, visualise the end result and bring the vision to life. Creating great interiors should be enjoyable.

I love to work one-on-one with each client to build on their ideas and create a comfortable yet distinct sense of place to call home. From conception to completion, no two projects are the same.

Let me help you bring your dream to life today.


Michael Tully

Have your eye on a property but want to be sure it can accommodate your rebuild or renovation plans?

Our experienced NSW town planners produce reports that summarise and make sense of local council planning controls, highlight the opportunities and constraints for redevelopment of a property and provide advice on the potential alterations and additions you may be considering.

So you know exactly what you’re getting, before you commit.


David Gowenlock

We work with David whenever any analysis is required with regards to trees or vegetation on a property prior to purchasing. If it has to do with trees, he is the expert. Services include:

  • * Pre-purchase Arborist advice and reports. This can give you an overview of all trees or specific trees within a property, or specific advice if there is a significant tree that may be hazardous or could cause future issues to the property.
  • * Arborist Reports for tree removal applications, development applications and legal disputes
  • * Arboricultural construction site management to council requirements (Arboricultural Impact Assessment Reports)
  • * Tree Hazard Assessments and Tree Safety Management Plans
  • * Risk assessments
  • * Structural tree or tree health assessments
  • * Forensic analysis including tree and soil pathology analysis
  • * Site soil analysis and amelioration
  • * Supervision of staff or contractors engaged to carry out tree works
  • * Expert witness testimonials
  • * Tree Protection Plans and post-works certification for trees on development site
  • * Tree selection and specifications for replanting is a speciality!

Jonathan Valentino

Jonathan has been in the lending industry for 10 years, holding senior roles at both bank and non-bank lenders. His experience spans across credit, business development and portfolio management. Jonathan’s deep industry exposure enables him to connect clients with the right lender and assist in creating real value.

Jonathan has been acclaimed as a top industry performer on several occasions, most recently being recognised in the Mortgage Professional Australia Top 100 Brokers 2021 & 2022.

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